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Pond Management


A well managed, aerated pond
in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

AquaMatrix provides pond management services for select clients in the Jackson Hole/Teton Valley area. We draw on our vast aquaculture and fish health experience to provide aquatic services that professionally guide seasonal and year round pond activities.
Our services include complete water chemistry analyses and interpretation, fish health diagnostics, pond construction, liner installation and repair, aeration system installation and servicing, water quality management, trophy fish management, and aquatic weed and algae control. We have the scientific background to interpret water quality dynamics and apply accurate, appropriate technologies to achieve the pond management objectives.


Filling the lined, aerated pond.


Installed air turbine to supply the required air for a half acre pond in Jackson Hole.


Aeration keeping the fish healthy
during the long Jackson Hole winter.


Moose hooves are sharp and can cut liners.
We repair these with factory materials and expertise.